03 December 2008


I've been out of town this week as many of you could tell.  I didn't fire up the laptop once.  Everything I did I did from the Blackberry.  

I got to eat some fantastic food.  Drink copious amounts of alcohol.  Talk stupid.  I even made $50!  Interesting story there.  Sorta.  Boss had a fifty dollar bill out for some reason.  I was too drunk to care so I snatched it up and put it in the bra.  Wahoo!  I just got a raise!  Later that money was needed so I had to break it out.  Boss used some of it to pay for some drinks.  Well, he deposited the change to it's rightful spot, warm by my nipple.  Yup.  I got felt up by the boss.  

I was hell bent on using that money to go to the tittie bar.  Now what guy turns down a trip to the tittie bar with a chick?  Obviously my boss do
es.  Instead I ended up messing with the minds of some southern boys.

Let's rewind back to the night I got there.  I proudly wore my new dress and boots.  I felt like a princess in the big city.  A princess in pain.  My feet hurt so damn bad that I couldn't even drink away the pain.  I somehow drank enough to bat my eye a few times.  I've always been the wall flower folks.  I never was out going, I never caught a guys eye.  Here I am that night getting guys to stop and talk and bat an eye all night.  I got the largest hairiest eyeball from the boss that night.  I was suppose to get a free round of drinks for my wor
k but the damn bar wench didn't know how to keep a drink in my hand.  Skank.  

I'm used to having dinner plans made for me on this trip.  B
oss forgot to tell me that one night we did not have dinner plans for me and the sales guy.  I, being the resourceful country girl that I am, called on the nearest concierge.  Once again they did not steer me wrong.  I called for immediate reservations and it was a quick 3 dollar cab ride away.  The sales guy I was with raised his eyebrow when I called to make reservations.  Folks, I use my maiden name for dinner reservations.  He found this odd.  I've got such a shitty last name that I made reservations in Vegas one time and they thought it was a joke.  So moral of the story here is, I use my maiden name for dinner reservations.  

The food was pretty good.  The atmosphere was electric.  Definately a change from the stuffy uptight steak houses I was used to down there.  I had a huge plate of sushi.  Sad thing was, I've had much better up here in my little non-coastal town and this was 
in a big major culinary city.  Oh well.  The beer was good!

This is what my sales guy had to eat.  He's more backwoods  than I am.  He did not anticipate this dish.  He said it was very good.  I got freaked out by having it stare with its teeth hanging out.  Not right I say!

I was also suppose to meet a blogger on the way home. Didn't happen. Very sore right now about that. Someday maybe I'll share the story......

HNT to follow here in about an hour!!!!


The Savage said...

Thems sure are some fancy fixin's

Evening said...

OH MY GOSH, I don't think I could eat that fish with the head on!!

Sorry about the sore feet. But I bet you looked hot :)

Sugardaddy said...

Don't ya love food that stares at ya?

Slick said...

So your boss got to feel you up??

No wonder you have such a "cushy" job! ;)