15 November 2008

I Love Wine

I was never able to drink wine until a couple of years ago.  Whenever I touched it I would get an instant migraine.  A few years ago Hubby and I went to a major wine area for a quick get away.  I had had it with work and said we were leaving, take vacation, there is no discussing it.  That was when I could still do something like that to him.  We decided to go for a winery tour and since it was the completely wrong time of the year, we were only allowed to do a wine tasting.  We got schnockered.  We then went to Walmart.  Fun times I tell ya.

So in recent history I've chosen wine as my drink of choice.  I've decided tonight to treat myself to some white zinfandel.  I'm looking at 2 fingers worth left in the bottle right now.  It is so easy to lose a whole bottle I am learning.  

I'm still the deer hunters widow.  There  have been no deer.  

On a byline, since I've been home alone, I've had a lot of time getting reacquainted with my toy collection.  I've had a lot of porn to catch up on.  It's been great times!


pure evyl said...

There is nothing quite like being drunk in Wal-Mart.

Jennybean said...


The Savage said...

I used to drink wine like I knew what I was doing. I was all posh and snobby about it until I realized that I just like the stuff and I don't have to describe the oak and smokey undertones to anyone.
I don't even sip it anymore I just drink it.

I love porn....

Anonymous said...

Ah yes there is something about being able to tell the vintage of the wine by sniffing the screw top. Hey, I have had expensive stuff and the stuff by the box. If ya like it, drink it.