10 October 2008


Jennybean over at Sunshine On Toes tagged me for my very first meme ever! Oh my!

So 7 random weird facts about me..............hmmmmmm

1.  Many times during the summer I drive with my left foot out the window.  Sitting in the drivers seat as much as I do gets very uncomforable and somehow this works for me!

2.  Back in the days of chatroom popularity(like around 2000), I used to run a sex chatroom with a guy from Florida.  Then MSN did a lot of cracking down on the chatrooms and that all fell by the wayside.

3.  I'm a techno geek but the first time I ever texted anyone was a year ago.  Yeah.  I was still under a rock there.

4.  I am a M*A*S*H* freak.  I own all seasons on the DVD and have worn them out.  I don't know what the appeal of the show is but I sure do love it!  

5.  I love foods of all types.  I have two basic rules of thumb for foods I will not touch.  It cannot be looking at me or suction cup to my plate.  Pretty much anything else I will try!

6.  I can't touch my toes.  The only times in life that I have been able to were during track season in high school and the short stint I had with doing yoga.  I love yoga but if I do it in the evening I can't sleep and I am waaaaayyyy tooo lazy to get my ass out of bed in the morning to do it.  


7.  I still own a waterbed.  It is still the first bed from when I moved out.  It is sooo nice on a cold winter night to crawl into a nice warm waterbed.  I have been trying to get the hubby to change over to a regular bed so I can sleep on my most favorite thing in the world, a feather bed and a down comforter.  I'm such a sucker for these.  

Man...I don't know many bloggers who do the meme thing(well, that many bloggers period!) so here's who I will tag...

Chuckie-- He's already been tagged by 2 other people.  I figured what the heck, he'll owe us 21 facts then....I'm just afraid of what will be shared! :)

That's it for me....all the others have been either tagged or I don't know well enough to tag :(  


Chuck said...

You have a waterbed? Hello? The 70's called....they'd like their bed back! lol

Thanks for the tagging. I appreciate it and feel honored. Unfortunately I will have to politely decline. I sure hope you won't be mad at me....

Jennybean said...

I'm with you on the window thig... i do it too... even on short trips sometimes.... lol!

Thanks for playing along!

Sugardaddy said...

Thanks for the tag. I will try to figure this out. Thing is though everything about me is random so narrowing down to just 7 may take awhile...

pure evyl said...

I hate texting. Doesn't anyone just talk on the phone anymore?

I'll stick up the tag today.