05 October 2008


It's Sunday night and I'm holding down the couch.  I got no green dots on Gmail, except my own, and the sports for the day have winded down.  I've applied for a new job so keep your fingers crossed for me.  It involves a bit of travel so maybe I can come visit all of y'all :)

Since I've got nothing better to think about, I've been thinking about my favorite drinks.  I'm not talking about those of the adult nature but hey, it does make up part of the profile.  I am a huge fan of coffee.  Straight up.  No cream or sugar.  I don't need the fancy name brand $5 a cup stuff.  I'm happy with the buck bottomless cup at the greasy spoon.  Call me crazy but it seems the coffee I like the most is the stuff you get at conferences.  There's something extra nutty about it that I can't seem to find anywhere else.  

Next up on my list of liquids I can't live without is milk.  I know most people find that gross as hell but I can run out of pop and be fine.  Run out of milk in the house and you will see one unhappy chick.  Growing up I was privied to the delicacy of bulk tank milk.  Now this is milk that just came from the cow and hasn't made it to any of the processing plants.  This is the shit that you better stir before pouring yourself a glass otherwise you'll be drinking half and half.  Folks, it don't get much better than that.

Last up on my list is iced tea.  Sorry to all you folks in the south but I like my tea unsweetened.  A squeeze of lemon and  I'm good to go to drink it by the gallon.  The bonus is is that unsweetened iced tea is calorie free.  Since I can't drink drink diet pop, this is the next best thing.  (fake sweeteners and migraines are not a pretty sight!)

I do also enjoy my occasional soda.  Sprite/7 UP/Sierra Mist if I'm just lookin for something mellow that goes with everything.  Coke and Dr Pepper are mood drinks.  I drink those when I'm lookin to drink an actual pop.  And root beer of course when I got some vanilla ice cream in the house.  

I also can't leave out my favorite barley pop.  I am a huge of New Glarus Spotted Cow with a slice of orange.  It's a pale beer and I know it's made with corn.  The orange cuts it just right and makes it oh so yummy!  If y'all haven't tried it, I highly recommend it.  

So that is my ponderance for the night.  What do you all like to drink?


Chuck said...

Pop? Honey, it ain't pop down here in God's country. It ain't soda either. It's Coke. It's all coke, whether it be Coca-Cola, Pepsi, a diet or what have you. I also can't imagine drinking iced tea without a sweetener. I don't do sugar, but still I gots to have me some sweet-n-low or something like that! You do need to spend some time down here with us normal folks so we can straighten you out! ;)

Jennybean said...

I second the milk thing, and I'll raise your bulk tank milk one. Growing up we had a cow. One cow, a Jersey we milked by hand... now yuor making me want some home made ice cream and some root bear!

Southern Sage said...

Chuck did you know they made tea unsweetened? How do they get the sweet stuff out??

I did the green light clicking last night myself!

Sugardaddy said...

Chuck has it right. Ask for a Pop down here and you may get one cross the face. Unsweet tea is against the Bible. It says so in the Book of Lipton.

Slick said...

I'm a HUGE Dr Pepper fan...matter of fact, I'm holding one right now.

Dr. Pepper.

Oh, and I love milk...

But I absolutely hate coffee!!

Average Chick said...

I raise my glasses of various drinks to you all!!!

I gotta try me some of that famous sweet tea from the south :) Maybe I'll like it!

pure evyl said...

Coffee in the morning, iced tea at noon, and Shiner Bock in the evening.

And I use Splenda in both my coffee and tea. It's damn close to sugar if you don't overdo it.