15 September 2008

Adventures With Alcohol

It may sound sad but I am actually proud of drinking for 7 hours straight tonight.  I had the company of local support and distant friends with me all night.  The sweetest guy in the world even sent me a flower.  You know who you are and you are the greatest.

I killed 3 mohitos and I lost track of the number of beers I had at 6.  Luckily at the end of the night, all I had to drive home was the elevator.  If I had to drive something with a steering wheel there would have been a lot less consumption.  

It was a great battery recharge.  I really needed that.


Luvsicpup said...

Whomever he is, he is a lucky guy.

Slick said...

Yeah, I need me a night like that...or a dozen of'em