25 April 2008

Hotels and Pants

I've been on the road since Wednesday. My room is trashed and I'm leaving tomorrow. I should be packing and cleaning up but I really don't care tonight. I just noticed my coworkers tainted my beer fridge with Diet Dew. Now I really don't care about cleaning up.

A hotel room is an oasis to me. I don't have to clean it. I don't have to wash the towels. I don't have to scrub the shower. I am completely relaxed when I am in a hotel room. I have a tradition when it comes to staying in hotel rooms. As soon as I know I'm tucked in for the night, the pants come off. Tonight especially. I don't know if it has been all the road time but I've started to lose some weight again and my pants that I just bought a month ago are falling off. So off they come.

Since the room is my little domain, having no pants on makes it easier to do whatever I want. A little Redtube, a little Literotica, whatever makes me happy. Time on the road allows me to focus on myself and what I want. Many times the riggors of home make me uptight or don't allow for "me" time. I can make myself happy whenever I want in a hotel room.

This freedom did backfire on me this week. I went out with my coworkers on Wednesday night. We got trashed. We are all very close and have a policy about making sure everyone is where they are suppose to be at the end of the night. My roomie came down with the flu and went home after a couple of drinks. My other male coworker walked us all to our respective deposits. I tried hard to play this guy to see what would happen. We did a little bump and grinding at the bar but that's all the further it went. He ended up with my roomie's room key. We both were so trashed that he would probably fall out of bed if we tried anything and needed an orgasm, like now. I pass out after a sweet release. Pants free and just in a bra. I figured I'd fall over if I tried to take that off. The morning came and I hated life. I wake up with the mother of all hangovers and throw on a tshirt at least to sit on the leather couch. I hear a rustling at the door and the door opens. Here it's my coworker letting himself in without a knock or warning. I yell that I have no pants on and he said he didn't care. He made himself right at home and I still don't have pants on. I looked at him after a few minutes and said, "I thought that I wouldn't have any pants on with you here last night, not this morning!" He just laughed.

I find out later that I told him the night before that he could just let himself in. I'm thinking the point of that was to let himself in and crawl into bed......

I have yet to try the webcam in a hotel. Hotel rooms usually provide a pretty back drop on a web cam. You don't have to worry what the room behind you looks like since it's not your house. There is always ample lighting since it is a hotel room. I'm hoping I get to try it out soon!

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